Triangle Tire National Industrial Design Center Passes Re-examination
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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology releases the list of the first and the second batches of national industrial design centers passing the re-examination. The Industrial Design Center of 网上真人ag正规靠谱平台. has successfully passed the re-examination. 


In 2015, Triangle Tire established the first national industrial design center within the rubber industry. The title of "National Industrial Design Center" is the highest national recognition of industrial design centers and is accessed every two years. For Triangle Tire, industrial design is not only the core technical capability to focus on but also the communication language with the customers.

Based on the characteristics of customers from different regions in the world as well as the individual demands of different customers, Triangle Tire Design Center has taken the lead in successfully designing and developing high-end tire products such as engineering radial tires, giant tires, special tires for snow and ice, green tires and refractory tires. Presently, Triangle Tire is working on the Project of Research and Industrialization of Key Technology Breakthroughs for Aviation Radial Tires, which has been listed as a major project for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy of the Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province in 2019 and has been granted funding support from the government.

In the future, the Industrial Design Center of Triangle Tire will make overall product planning based on market research and feedback, apply independent innovation and scientific research results in the fields of tire structure, appearance, formula, etc., conduct overall life cycle management of the products and strive to improve the competitive edges of the products. 


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